Saltwater Fishing



fish1I have found a place near the South end of Prince of Wales Island that rarely gets fished. It offers a very unique fishing setting. A couple of small islands not far offshore create a channel that runs like a river with the flow of the tide and offers protection from the ocean swells. King Salmon, halibut and lingcod are plentiful here. This is one of the places I’ve found that halibut can be caught in shallow water and sometimes very near the surface. It’s quite a thrill to see them take the bait just twenty to thirty feet behind the boat.



After arriving in Ketchikan, via Alaska Airlines, on a direct flight from Seattle; I will meet you at the airport. I’ll take you for a quick tour of Ketchikan to give you a feel for the layout, Scott&KristieHalibutmaking stops for licenses, perishable groceries and any last minute items that we feel necessary. Since you’ll most likely arrive midday or later, we will spend the first day fishing near Ketchikan if time allows and check you into a motel for the evening. July Fishing is Fun!







We’ll load your gear and groceries onto my 26.5′ Tolleycraft, the MOZA II, and head out for Cape Chacon and beyond. It’s about a 3 hour run down to “the Cape” (as locals call it) and another hour or so past that to “Honey Hole”. We may stop to fish along the way, but our 15LotsofCrabsprimary objective will be to get to the “Honey Hole”. I can’t remember a time that I’ve just arrived there, and didn’t start catching fish immediately. After getting a taste of the action, I’ll take you into a nearby-secluded cove where I’ll anchor the MOZA and serve you a fresh fish for dinner. I will have a beach camp set up there so that we may have more room for sleeping. Meals may be served onboard, depending on the number in your party. Summertime Halibut






Steve&MikeErickson04HalibutAs you are probably aware, the daylight hours are long up here in the summer. They’re not endless as in points farther North, but it’s possible to fish for nearly 20 hours in day. Wake up call will be early for those interested in catching fish. We’ll spend the morning hours fishing and head into the cove midday for lunch and to give me a chance to clean all the fish and prepare them for shipment. With a possession limit of 1 King Salmon,  Halibut and 4 Lingcod, it’s likely that we’ll be at a point of releasing fish. I will have a plane fly out from Ketchikan to transport your fish back to town to be safely stored in my freezer. After lunch we’ll get back out to the fishing. We may fish as long as you like, although I do find it nice to take a break for dinner.




We may do some exploring to see some new scenery and fish some of the “other Honey WardCoveHalibutHoles” in this area. We’ll return to the cove for dinner. This will be our last evening at the beach camp and we may want to hit the water for a few more fish before turning in.





We’ll fish a bit before heading for home and depending on weather will stop at couple of places to fish along the way. I will plan to arrive back in Ketchikan in mid-afternoon to allow time to process your fish and prepare the boat for the next days outing. I’ll check you into the motel and I’m sure everyone will be ready for a shower